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Consume is the first customer relationship platform based on reputation. Through it, companies that are interested in using Consume as a relationship management tool with their consumers receive access to quantitative data about their evaluations. They can do comparisons with other companies, be warned when their index has dropped to an alarming level, understand the reason for the growth or drop of their reputation and, above all, communicate with their consumers. Results can be sorted according to popularity on the social networks, location, evaluation and frequency, among other criteria. Or it can be used to offer discounts, prizes or to promote a new product or new policy of the company. To preserve the anonymity of consumers, it is not possible to access any personal data about consumers. However, it is possible, through Consume, to communicate with them and manage feedback. Try out Consume, a new way of managing the one-to-one relationship between companies and consumers. Understand the results of your efforts to build customer loyalty. Interested? Sign up here to be contacted and find out more.

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The Consume algorithm

In our algorithm, we take into account the responses of consumers regarding Product Quality, Service and Cost-Benefit. The result of the evaluation takes into consideration the popularity of that consumer on the social networks and the frequency of his/her evaluation. In other words, a consumer who has influence on the social networks will be assigned a higher weight in the overall calculation, as well as the consumer who performs many evaluations. However, all evaluations will be considered, since all consumers are important for serious companies. The index varies just like the stock exchange index. Consumers can reevaluate the company as often as they like, but it can only be once per day per company. However, they will be counseled to reevaluate only if truly warranted.

The Consume index can be affected by fluctuations in customer service quality, product quality and cost-benefit. A company that offends a particular group of consumers, for example, may find that its index is affected. If a product goes up excessively in price, without any satisfactory explanation being provided, this may influence its index. And, as in situations where something goes viral on the Internet, it’s likewise the case with a well-positioned brand that is well-received by consumers, and so on…